by Gordon Matthews

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Front of calendar. A path beside the River Meon near Titchfield Hampshire.


January. The sheep give it away. This is in Wales near Llaithddu.


February. Durdle Door, on the Dorset Coast.


March. Tulips in the garden at "Cooleen", Lee-on-the-Solent.


April. Spring time in the garden at "Cooleen", Lee-on-the-Solent.


May. Friends from Gosport GreenSpirit and Lee-on-the-Solent Circle Dancing Group came to dance in the garden as a form of remembrance for my father.


June. The abbey ruins at Abbey-cwm-hir during a weekend of circle dancing in the ruins and working in Andrew's Woods.


July. Furzey Gardens, New Forest.


August. Sunrise at the end of the "Night in the Forest", an annual event on the GreenSpirit calendar.


September. Llaithddu, a hamlet between Rhayader and Newtown.


October. Plaxy is driving Johnnie's sheep across the stream.


November. Corfe Castle guards a gap in the Purbrook Hills which is used by a road from Wareham to Swanage and by a steam railway line.


December. If you look with your eyes you can see a cloud in the sky over Lee-on-the-Solent. If you look with your heart you may see something else. Antoine de St. Exupéry wrote that you can only see well with your heart. ("Man sieht nur mit dem Hertzen gut.") I hope that throughout the coming year you will be able to see with your heart. Life is such a beautiful gift. We can only grow in love for all that we see with our hearts.

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