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Egypt, 2011

by Harry R. Matthews

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In January 2011, I went on a tour of Egypt and Jordan run by APT. Iris, my now-deceased former wife, was too ill to travel by then and this was my "respite" break from being her full-time carer. Her brother, Brian, and his family helped look after Iris while I was gone. My tour was interrupted by the Egyptian uprising and that story is told in my emails to Iris posted on this site. My tour revolved around a 4-day Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor. That was preceded by a tour of Alexandria and El Alamein as well as a visit to the museum in Cairo. The cruise should have been followed by a visit to the pyramids near Cairo but instead we spent several days in the "care" of the army, finally escaping to Jordan where we resumed our tour, which included Petra.

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