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North America, 2012

by Harry R. Matthews

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In August 2012, Lorraine and I flew from Tauranga, via Auckland, to San Francisco, California. We spent a few days there, near Union Square, before setting off to drive to Lassen National Park, north-eastern California, for a few days followed by a stay in Klamath Falls, Oregon, from where we visited the Lava Beds National Monument in California and Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. We drove back to San Francisco via the Redwoods National Park and associated State Parks. After another couple of days in San Francisco, this time near Fisherman's Wharf, we flew to Vancouver, Canada, to join a cruise ship, Regent Seven Seas Mariner. She took us to Seward, Alaska, via the Inside Passage. After a short bear-viewing post-cruise excursion, we flew back to San Francisco. We took a rest day at a hotel near the airport and then drove from San Francisco to South Lake Tahoe, on the California-Nevada border, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We stayed a week at the TimberLodge timeshare and went to concerts and a play, cruised on the Lake, and hiked around the area. Finally, we drove back to San Francisco via Davis, California, where I still have many friends, and flew home.

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