South America, 2012

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The now-disused kitchen in the old nunnery in Arequipa.


Pelican in the fishing harbour at Antofagasta, Chile.


Spectators watching some street theatre (see also photo 24, 26 and 27), Valparaiso, Chile. The character of Valparaiso and its arts festival reminded us of Wellington, New Zealand.


Ice in the Chilean fijords near Puerto Chacabulco.


The red boat is collecting a piece of glacial ice, from the Tempano glacier, for later display on the Seven Seas Mariner.


Cruising through the Avenue of the Glaciers, Chilean fijords. The parts of the ship that are sticking out are the ends of the bridge.


We saw several of these Magellanic penguins doing this and making a distinctive 'song'; sometimes alone, sometimes in groups.


Moody Cape Horn number 2.


The water is a beaver pond. The bank running across the lower part of the photo is the beaver dam, now abandoned. We got very wet on this hike but several people (sometimes those who didn't venture outside!) told us 'no rain; no rainbow'. In its various guises, this sentiment seemed to be the mantra for the region.


An albatross checking out the ship en route to the Falkland Is.

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