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Venice, Italy. Gondolas passing each other in front of the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, in the Bacino di San Marco.


Corfu, Greece. Clean urban transport.


Temple of Poseidon, Greece. This beautiful ruined temple is on the coast south of Athens. It is also known because Lord Byron left his initials carved in the stones. Unfortunately, other less distinguished tourists have also been carving their initials, to the extent that access to the ruin is now forbidden. We could walk around the edge of the site and get good views of it but not enter it.


Rhodes, Greece. Statue of a soldier in full armour standing high on the city walls.


A pigeon getting water from a tap that is part of a fountain in a city square.


Rhodes, Greece. View of the harbour and its fortifications through an archway in the city wall.


Santorini, Greece. Yacht with caldera cliffs behind. Note the steep zig-zag road. We went up by coach and came down by cable car further along the coast.


Rome, Italy. Iris took this picture inside the Pantheon while leaning backwards. This angle was suggested by our photographer guide, “Tony” Boccaccio, who was leading our afternoon tour, “Rome through the lens”. This tour, with only four tourists the day we took it, is a great way to learn about photography at wonderful sites, some well-known, some not. We recommend this tour very highly.


Rome, Italy. Another statue on our “Rome through the Lens” tour.


Rome, Italy. I used a telephoto lens to get this image. The focal length of 165 mm (35 mm equivalent 265 mm) really shows the church dominating the street, which is quite symbolic of the over-powering presence of the Roman Catholic church in the city.


Rome, Italy. The colonnade around St. Peter’s Square.


Conwy, Wales. These seagull chicks were taking advantage of an inaccessible part of the city wall.


Cirencester, England. White swan on the stream passing through this village in the Cotswolds region.


Cotswolds region, England. The “VR” means this letter box was installed during Queen Victoria’s reign. It is still in use. The creature near the bottom gives a fresh meaning to “snail mail”.

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