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Venice, Italy. A smart street/canal with gondolas everywhere.


Venice, Italy. This pedestrian bridge is on the waterfront, close to St. Mark’s Square.


Venice, Italy. Gondolas passing each other in front of the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, in the Bacino di San Marco.


Venice, Italy. A rich religious mosaic in tiny tiles.


Venice, Italy. The winged lion symbol of Venice, in St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco).


Venice, Italy. A quiet canal with a small footbridge, decorated with geraniums, leading to a front door.


Venice, Italy. This electric lute was being played in the middle of a quiet city square not far from St. Mark’s Square.


Venice, Italy. A city street just round the corner from our hotel, with produce stall, a bar/restaurant and a laundry cart, early in the morning.


Venice, Italy. Three gondoliers wait for another to cross in front of them at the entrance to the Grand Canal.


Venice, Italy. Ponte di Rialto on the Grand Canal.


Venice, Italy. A delivery boat going down a side canal under a pedestrian bridge.


Venice, Italy. The crumbling exterior of many of the canalside buildings is in contrast to the smart gondolas and the beautiful window in this house.


Croatia: the town of Ston near Dubrovnik. Note the castle ruins and the old wall going up the hill on the right.


Corfu, Greece. Incense burning in a small dark church in a monastery.


Corfu, Greece. Clean urban transport.


Katakolon, Greece. The waterfront at early morning. This is the port for Olympia, the original site of the Olympic Games.


Olympia, Greece. This large column on the site of the original Olympic Games, collapsed, probably due to earthquakes, but was reassembled from the original cylindrical blocks, like the one on the left.


Olympia, Greece. Three reassembled Doric columns.


Temple of Poseidon, Greece. This is a detail of the partially restored ancient temple.


Temple of Poseidon, Greece. This beautiful ruined temple is on the coast south of Athens. It is also known because Lord Byron left his initials carved in the stones. Unfortunately, other less distinguished tourists have also been carving their initials, to the extent that access to the ruin is now forbidden. We could walk around the edge of the site and get good views of it but not enter it.


Athens, Greece. The Parthenon is undergoing extensive restoration work. The quality of the restoration is not great and I wonder if future generations will condemn this rebuilding as damaging the ruin.


Athens, Greece. A charming side street, all steps. We had lunch in this restaurant. The food was good but lunch was rather late and rushed, part of being in a large group from the cruise ship.


Delos, Greece. There is a large ruined city of mythological significance on the small island of Delos. This is typical of the dry stone walls still standing.


Delos, Greece. A gecko, part of the current inhabitants of Delos, keeping a few archaeologists company and entertaining the visitors.


Delos, Greece. The remains of a street in the ruins on the island of Delos.


Delos, Greece. A surviving tile floor in the ruins on the island of Delos.


Delos, Greece. Doric columns reassembled.


Delos, Greece. Iris sitting in the front row of seats in the amphitheatre. The orange/red A2 label is to denote which tour group we belong to.


The ship we cruised in, the Grand Princess, anchored off the island of Mykonos, from where we visited nearby Delos.


Rhodes, Greece. Butterfly on bougainvillea flowers.


Rhodes, Greece. A typical street scene in the town.


Rhodes, Greece. Statue of a soldier in full armour standing high on the city walls.


Rhodes, Greece. The island, and the town where we docked, were settled by crusaders who were in Greece when the crusades were stopped. The town is heavily fortified in the British style, as seen in this detail from the imposing walls.


Rhodes, Greece. Typical solid stone architecture on a cobbled street.


Rhodes, Greece. A rather charming manhole cover.


A pigeon getting water from a tap that is part of a fountain in a city square.


Rhodes, Greece. View of the harbour and its fortifications through an archway in the city wall.


Santorini, Greece. View of the small port below the town of Fira or Thera. This side of the island is very steep, being part of the caldera created by a massive volcanic eruption.”


Santorini, Greece. Three cruise ships in the caldera. The one on the left is the Grand Princess in which we traveled. The photograph was taken from the town of Fira or Thera on Santorini.


Santorini, Greece. The town of Fira or Thera on Santorini.


Santorini, Greece. Yacht with caldera cliffs behind. Note the steep zig-zag road. We went up by coach and came down by cable car further along the coast.


Pompeii, Italy. An old road, with stepping stones for pedestrians to cross and a rut worn in the roadway by the wheels of horse-drawn chariots. A good system for keeping the pedestrians out of the mud etc in the roadway.


Pompeii, Italy. Shop front with marble serving counter and built-in pots. May have been a “fast food” establishment.


Teatro Pace, Rome, Italy. Teatro Pace is the side street near Piazza Navona. This is the view from our hotel room window. See how the Romans have managed to get quite a bit of greenery into the street in spite of it being so narrow.


The Pantheon, Rome, Italy. This is in the fountain in the square where the Pantheon is.


Rome, Italy. This statue of the Virgin Mary is typical of the beautiful monuments crowded into every city square.


Rome, Italy. A typically chaotic but good-natured Roman street scene.


Rome, Italy. I think this is the Trinita di Monte at the top of the Spanish Steps. Please let me know if I’m wrong (


Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy. Looking over the Piazza del Popolo, down the Via del Corso, sometimes known as Rome’s “main drag”.


Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy. Statue above the square.


Rome, Italy. Iris took this picture inside the Pantheon while leaning backwards. This angle was suggested by our photographer guide, “Tony” Boccaccio, who was leading our afternoon tour, “Rome through the lens”. This tour, with only four tourists the day we took it, is a great way to learn about photography at wonderful sites, some well-known, some not. We recommend this tour very highly.


Rome, Italy. On the right is our tour leader/photographer, Tony Boccaccio. He spotted the photographic potential of this street musician which then attracted other passers-by.


Rome, Italy. This statue of Christ by Michelangelo is hidden in a relatively modest church. Christ was carved by Michelangelo completely naked. For some reason that I can’t understand at all, one of the popes objected to the nakedness and had a great bronze plate bolted over the offending parts. Apparently the statue cannot be restored and it is here in its desecrated state. This was another gem from Tony Boccaccio’s tour.


Rome, Italy. This wonderful church ceiling was also photographed by Iris on our “Rome through the Lens” tour.


Rome, Italy. This fountain had a whole series of tortoises or turtles being helped into the water. Another shot from the “Rome through the Lens” tour.


Rome, Italy. Another statue on our “Rome through the Lens” tour.


Rome, Italy. Our old (6th C) hotel had no lift and so we walked several flights up the wonderful wide staircase, with chairs at convenient locations.


Rome, Italy. I used a telephoto lens to get this image. The focal length of 165 mm (35 mm equivalent 265 mm) really shows the church dominating the street, which is quite symbolic of the over-powering presence of the Roman Catholic church in the city.


Rome, Italy. Another telephoto shot showing an example of the steps found across the city, which is built on hills. We came across these while walking from our hotel near Piazza Navona to St. Peter’s Basilica.


Rome, Italy. We couldn’t get inside St. Peter’s Basilica because of the security around President Bush’s visit to the Pope. So, we took photographs like this of the outside of the basilica and surrounding buildings.


Rome, Italy. The colonnade around St. Peter’s Square.


Rome, Italy. Near St. Peter’s Square.


Rome, Italy. St. Peter’s Basilica.


Rome, Italy. The spiral staircase leading to our hotel room, which was built in the 6th century.


Burton Agnes, Yorkshire, U.K. These lilies in a fountain were in the gardens of a stately home in Yorkshire.


Burton Agnes, Yorkshire, U.K. The gardens of a stately home in Yorkshire, where we had afternoon tea with friends from York.


Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire, U.K. We visited this village north of York where Iris lived during her big O.E. (overseas experience).


Snowdonia, Wales. We visited relations in North Wales and they took us on a tour into the mountains.


Conwy, Wales. This photograph was taken from the city walls, looking away from the city into the suburbs.


Cowy, Wales. The castle and part of the wall that still encloses most of the city.


Conwy, Wales. These seagull chicks were taking advantage of an inaccessible part of the city wall.


Near Kenilworth, England. My great neice, Sinead, conversing with her young horse.


Cotswold region, England. Sheep under the trees at Dover’s Hill, a National Trust property.


Cirencester, England. Typical stone cottages of the Cotswolds region.


Cirencester, England. White swan on the stream passing through this village in the Cotswolds region.


Chipping Camden, England. This charming village is near Mickleton, where we had a studio for a week, in the Cotswolds region.


Mickelton, England. This church is typical of those found all over England and especially here in the Cotswolds region.


Mickelton, England. View of Mickleton Church from a country walking route in the Cotswolds.


Cotswolds region, England. We met this sheep on a walk from Mickleton to the Hidcotes villages.


Cotswolds region, England. The “VR” means this letter box was installed during Queen Victoria’s reign. It is still in use. The creature near the bottom gives a fresh meaning to “snail mail”.


Cotswolds region, England. This lovely thatched cottage is near the Hidcotes villages deep in the Cotswold countryside.

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