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MoBy Study Aid, 1996, version 5

This application cannot be run over the Web. If you have a fast connection to the Internet and can download and "unzip" a "zip" file, you are welcome to install MoBy5.

To view this application, you need to install it on your computer (Windows only) using the following instructions. Please note that this program was built in 1996 and modern security features on your computer may prevent MoBy5 from installing correctly. I'm sorry that I cannot help you in this case, except to suggest temporarily relaxing any restrictions your computer may have on installing programs.

  1. right-click here
  2. choose Save Target As... or Save Link As ... . This will download the file to your computer. Note that the file is large, over 12 Mb.
  3. "unzip" moby.exe by double clicking on it or running a program like WinZip that will restore the three files buried in
  4. the result of unzipping moby.exe will be three files: setup.exe; moby.asu; and moby.001
  5. run setup.exe on your computer (Windows only)
  6. setup.exe will put an icon in your programs list; you can use this to start MoBy5 or you can start MoBy5 by clicking on the file C:\MoBy\MoBy.tbk that was created during the setup process

Program Description

Moby is an early multimedia program that I used to support a medical school course at the University of California, Davis, in the early to mid- 1990s.

There are more details about the use of MoBy 5 in a paper I wrote for Microsoft Higher Education which they published as part of their CD "Technology Tools for Today's Campuses". The text of this paper, "From Comprehension to Retention and Application", is available here.

I built MoBy version 5 around the examination questions I set in the first half of the 1990s in the Protein Structure and Function part of the course BCM410, Molecular & Cell Biology, at the School of Medicine, University of California, Davis. I built MoBy to help the students think about the material as well as -- or instead of -- learn it by rote. The program was very popular indeed and several students helped me with its production. As well as the multiple-choice questions, it contains explanations of all the right and wrong answers. There is also an extensive glossary of the terms used. It was accompanied by Powerpoint files of the lectures I gave and a small number of multimedia tutorials.

MoBy started as a Hypercard "program" on the Apple Macintosh operating system in 1988 but we soon migrated to the more powerful ToolBook program on Microsoft Windows. In 1997, I incorporated MoBy 5 into an extensive multimedia version of the entire course, including the lectures. In 1998, I moved to a Web-based approach using Cold Fusion, now a Macromedia/Adobe product. These later versions are unfortunately no longer available, although the Web database technology has been developed, particularly by Lisa Wilson and her colleagues, at Mediaworks at UC Davis and is the basis of some of the on-line course materials developed by Mediaworks, of which I was the founding Director.

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